Breeding Update

News Archive: Breeding Season has begun!

03 Aug 2011 - After cooling all my adult Carpet Pythons during winter, I started giving them heat again on the 24th of July.

On the 31st of July I offered them all food and they all ate for the first time in about 5 weeks. Some of the males did not want to eat but this is expected just before breeding time.

On the 1st of August I put the females in with the males and within minutes did the males show interest and about an hour later were they all locked together and continued mating till the next morning.

Carpet Pythons Breeding
Irian Jaya's Breeding

The following night the males will be removed for their off time. They will again be introduced to either the same female or a different female on the 3rd of August and this one night on, one night off schedule will continue for the next few weeks.

Read more about breeding your Carpet Pythons here.

17 Aug 2011 - We have had quite a few more locks so far and the females have ovulated. The females are also spending more and more time on the heat and and are starting to get stiff in the lower half of their bodies.

25 Sept 2011 - Our Jungle Female is very close and should lay in the next few days.

24 Sept 2011 - Our Irian Jaya Carpet Python was the first female to drop eggs this season, all of which were perfect and are now safely in the incubator. The others look set to follow in the next few weeks.

Irian Jaya Carpet python incubating eggs
Irian Jaya Eggs

3 October 2011 - Today our other two females, Jungle and Irian Jaya laid their clutches.

Irian Jaya Carpet python incubating eggs
Jungle Carpet Python incubating her eggs

Jungle Carpet Python eggs
Jungle Carpet Python eggs

22 November 2011 - Our first Irian Jaya Carpet Python babies began hatching on Sunday, so far 3 of the 7 eggs have hatched and we are eagerly awaiting the rest from this clutch. Check out the pics below.

Irian Jaya Carpet Python Hatchling
Irian Jaya baby

30 November 2011 - Our Jungle Carpet Pythons hatched as well as another clutch of Irian Jayas.

Jungle Carpet Python Hatchlings
Irian Jaya Carpet Python Hatchlings

1 December 2011 - Our first clutch of Irian Jayas started with their first sheds.

Irian Jaya baby after first shed